We work with a strategy that is inclusive of a vision for the future considering the following aspects:
Our strategy focuses on achieving superior results.

  •   Customers will be our priority. Our products, services and solutions help our customers totally.
  •   Our supply chain and our distribution channels sustain the competitive advantage.
  •   Our team work helps our business model that results in great results that takes care of the welfare of all our stakeholders.

Mahendra’s ethical standards are considered to be the greatest asset. Commenced in the year 1968, the foundation was laid on these ethical standards in the ways of doing business. Integrity and the values were always considered important than anything else.

Mahendra over the years has sustained this legacy of ethical standards in whatever we do and has earned the reputation widely all over India and in many other countries. We deliver what we promise by manufacturing and delivering superior quality products and services. We commit ourselves to take this legacy forward by strengthening it.