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Solar Pumps

Solar pumps derive their power from sunlight, converting the stored solar energy into electrical energy by employing Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) modules. The SPV modules output higher power during the time when sunlight is at its peak (afternoons) and comparatively lower power for the rest of the day (mornings & evenings). As a result, solar pumps give varying water output at a given pump head, depending on the energy output. On the other hand, a grid powered / diesel operated pump outputs water at a constant rate due to the uniform power provided by the grid / diesel engine.

Salient Features

  •   Mahendra Openwells are manufactured as per Indian Standard IS 14220
  •   Dynamically balanced rotors and impellers ensure vibration free performance and enhanced life
  •   The Openwell submersible monobloc can be placed at the bottom of the well this arrangement does not require a suction pipe
  •   Water can also be drawn from a borewell which is bored at the bottom of the open well using suction pipe.
  •   Noiseless operation
  •   Highly durable water cooled rewindable motor
  •   Can be easily dismantled and repaired


Spanning a wide range of applications from irrigation to water supply and commercial use, solar pumping systems can be installed at any location, no matter the area, terrain, power availability and accessibility, as long as the region is exposed to plenty of sunlight. Solar pumps are very efficient in terms of the estimated water output, energy utilized and bills paid, in addition to being an environmentally viable solution for developing countries faced with ever-increasing power demands and energy crises on an unprecedented scale.


  •   Pump and motor set
  •   Solar power conditioning unit (SPCU)
  •   Solar photovoltaic (SPV) modules
  •   Solar panels
  •   Pipes and cables
  •   Foundation set (aiding in the installation of the solar pumping system)
  •   Earthing kit


  •   Ease of setup and operation
  •   Customized material of construction for solar requirements
  •   Minimum to very less maintenance
  •   Extended working hours
  •   Energy & cost efficient