Twin Booster

The MPH & MVB Twin Booster Pumping system consist of two identical rating pumps connected in parallel operation with standard accessories and control panel. The diaphragm tank must be included during installation.

Salient Features

  •   It is a automatic cascade control of pumps by means of one/two pressure switches.
  •   Emergency push button is available in case of series fault.
  •   Automatic change over at any start/stop cycle.
  •   Good compatibility and environment friendly.
  •   High operating efficiency.


  •   Apartments and Villas
  •   Cottages and Hotels
  •   Commercial Buildings
  •   Industrial Canteens
  •   Hospital
  •   Gardening
  •   Sprinkler Irrigation Systems


  •   Power Range : 0.75Hp – 1.5Hp
  •   Maximum flow rate : upto 8m3/hr
  •   Maximum total head : upto 60mtrs
  •   Operating liquid temperature : 0°C to 90°C
  •   Seal type : Burger
  •   Insulation class : F Class